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Smoke Test Notice To Residents



Field crews from Fauquier County Water and Sanitation Authority will conduct Smoke Testing in The Plains from January through March of 2017. These crews blow white smoke into the sewer lines and manholes in order to locate sections of the sanitary sewers that have cracks, leaks or faulty connections that need repair. The smoke will exit through holes in manhole covers, plumbing vent pipes on the roofs
of houses and other locations where rain water can get into the sewer system.

The smoke is non‐toxic, leaves no residue, and creates no fire hazard. The smoke will not enter your house unless there are defective plumbing present, missing or broken cleanout caps, or the drain traps are dry. To help prevent smoke from entering your house, please pour about a gallon of water into any seldom used drain. Doing this will fill the drain traps and prevent smoke from entering your home.

At no time will the field crews need to enter your house and you do not need to be at home during the test. Field crews will distribute a notice door to door approximately 24 to 48 hours in advance. Police, Fire, and The Plains officials will also be notified daily of the work area.


Click here for additional information and Frequently Asked Questions.


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