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Marshall Hydro Study Report Abstract (Phase II)

Please note that the entirety of the Marshall Hydro Study Phase II Report is 228 pages long and contains a significant volume of highly technical data. While the report in its entirety is available for review in the Authority’s Administrative Offices at Vint Hill in Warrenton, Virginia, because of its size (243 MB) it is impractical to post the complete report electronically. Alternatively, the following link provides an abstract of the report’s Executive Summary and primary exhibits in a more manageable size. Should you wish additional information or have further questions, please call the Authority’s offices (540) 349-2092.
Marshall Phase 2 Hydro Abstract.pdf 
Marshall Phase 2 Hydro Abstract - Figure 2.pdf
Marshall Phase 2 Hydro Abstract - Table 1.pdf

Marshall Water Works Upgrade and Renovation Plan
MWW Upgrade & Renovation Plan-20110204