Board of Directors

The Fauquier County Water and Sanitation Authority is governed by a five member Board. Individual Board members are appointed by the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors and serve for a term of four years. The Authority Board elects its officers during the first regular meeting of each year and officers serve for a term of one year.


Board Member


Term Expiration

Ross D’Urso

Lee Magisterial District

January 9, 2024

Office: Chairman



Chairman: Liaison Committee






A. William “Bill” Chipman III

Center Magisterial District


June 30, 2025


Office: Vice-Chairman




Chairman: Building/Planning Committee

Member: Audit/Liaison Committees






William “Bill” G. Downey

Scott Magisterial District

May 14, 2023

Office: Treasurer




Chairman: Audit/Finance Committee

Member: Building Committee






Michael J. Focazio

Marshall Magisterial District

April 1, 2024

Office: Member




Chairman: Personnel Committee

Member: Finance/Planning Committees






Richard “Rick” Gerhardt


Cedar Run Magisterial District

January 9, 2024


Office: Member




Member: Personnel Committee