All users of the Authority's sewer system shall comply with the Authority's Pretreatment Regulations.

Grease, oil, and sand traps must meet plumbing code and shall be required when in the opinion of the Authority they are necessary for the proper handling of liquid wastes containing such ingredients or any other of a flammable or harmful nature. All restaurants are required to install a grease interceptor.  All automotive facilities (except for completely dry shops) are required to install an oil-water separator, outside of the building.

All grease, oil and sand traps shall be of a type and capacity approved by the Authority (see FCWSA Approved Materials List for Grease Interceptor and Oil/Water Separator requirements). They shall be of substantial construction, watertight and equipped with easily removable covers which when bolted in place shall be gas and watertight.

All grease, oil and sand traps shall be maintained by the owner at his expense in continuously efficient operation at all times