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Utility Standards Manual

The Fauquier County Water and Sanitation Authority (the “Authority”) is required by law to provide its services in accordance with various Federal and Commonwealth standards and regulatory requirements.  An essential component of our ability to do so is our Utility Standards Manual (“USM”), which details the policies, procedures and standards required for the design and construction of extensions to water mains, sanitary sewers and their appurtenances which are to be owned and/or operated by the Authority.

As a policy and standards document, the USM is supplementary to the Commonwealth of Virginia State Water Control Board Sewage Treatment and Collection Regulations and the Virginia Department of Health Waterworks Regulations and is not intended to supersede these regulations.  Where conflicts exist, the more stringent requirements apply.  Our standards are not intended to address all situations encountered in the design and construction of water and sewer facilities, but do establish explicit guidelines for their acceptable completion.

The USM’s standards, policies and regulations have been adopted by the Fauquier County Water and Sanitation Authority Board.  Conditions and modifications to these standards, including additional materials and equipment, are subject to the approval of the General Manager.

Utility Standards Manual (USM)

FCWSA Utility Standards Manual - Nov 2017

Appendix A - Tables - Feb 2015

Appendix B - Construction Notes - Sept 2016

Appendix C - Construction Details Nov 2017

Appendix D - Approved Materials List - April 2019


USM Amendment 8.16 Startup 


Residential Subtraction Meters

Subtraction Meter Information-201703


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