Reading Your Bill

The Fauquier County Water and Sanitation Authority (the “Authority”) bills its customer’s every month.  Below is an example of our bill format.
Please note that the bill has two section separated by a perforation.  The top portion of the bill is the section you keep for your records.  The bottom portion is the section you mail to us with your payment in the envelope provided.
Click here to view sample bill

Both sections of the bill list your Account #, shown as #03376 in this example.  This number helps us to quickly identify your individual account and should be written on your payment check or money order when your payment is sent to us.  The bill lists your current and previous read dates, shown as 07/09/2019 and 06/06/2019, and the current and previous meter readings, shown as 209440 and 205670 in this example.  The difference in these readings indicates the number of days in the billing cycle, shown as 30 in this example, and the volume of service (in gallons) used during the billing period, shown as 3,770 gallons in this example.  Our bills also list current and previous (past due) charges for services you have received.  The example shows current charges of $49.69 for Water Service and $65.62 for Sewer Service. The bill also lists the total you owe for our services, shown as $115.31 in this example. (This example shows no Previous Balance due. Any Previous Balance would be shown in the Previous Balance column and would be included in the total due.) * NOTE: RATES LISTED ABOVE PERTAIN TO THE SAMPLE BILL AND MAY NOT BE CURRENT RATES*
Should you have any questions concerning your bill please call our Customer Services Representatives at (540) 349-2092.  Our facsimile number is (540) 347-7689.

For more complete details regarding your bill and the Authority’s rates please follow the links below:


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