Flushing Schedule

The Fauquier County Water and Sanitation Authority (the “Authority”) is proactive in the pursuit of its preventative maintenance program and the improvement of the quality of its services.  As part of our efforts to maintain and improve the quality of the Authority’s water supplies, our Water Department Operators routinely exercise various portions of our water systems by flushing water through its distribution system at a rapid rate.  They do this by opening a flushing point in the system, typically a fire hydrant and discharging the water at high velocity to actively pull water though the lines.  This procedure insures that water in all parts of our system is fresh, actively improves water quality, helps protect the safety of the system’s water supply and exercises the system’s valves and hydrants, thereby increasing their reliability.

The intervals of flushing vary, depending on which areas you reside in.  As a general rule, we flush each system every second or third month.  Extreme weather of a system’s configuration itself will, at times, dictate other schedules.  Flushing normally takes six hours to complete, during which time you may experience low water pressure, air bubbles in your service line and/or some discoloration in the water.  This temporary water condition is not harmful and will clear quickly if you let your cold water tap run for several minutes   While flushing is occurring, we do not recommend doing any laundry or bathing.  You may also experience low water pressure when other neighborhoods near you are being flushed.

2024 Flushing Schedule 

Please keep this schedule handy.  Our telephone number is (540) 349-2092 and the Authority’s facsimile number is (540) 347-7689.  Our regular office hours are 8:30 a.m. through 4:30 p.m. on Monday through Friday.  If you think flushing is occurring in your neighborhood, please contact our office staff who will be able to verify what systems are being flushed during any particular day.

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