Information for Customers of the New Baltimore Regional Water System


Return to Service of Terranova Water Well


Dear Customer,


FCWSA is writing you today to inform you about an important improvement to your water system. We are pleased to announce that we have added an advanced treatment process to the Terranova Well that will address the elevated levels of radium that were discovered in recent months.


FCWSA has installed a direct adsorption treatment process to the well that uses ion exchange cylinders with an ion-specific resin to attract radium ions.  Radium is captured on the resin and the resin is replaced as necessary.


Earlier this year, FCWSA received a Notice of Violation from the Virginia Department of Health after elevated levels of radium, which is a naturally occurring radioactive metal found in rocks and soil, were found in the Terranova Well.  When FCWSA received the test results in May, the well was immediately shut down and remained out-of-service until we could construct additional treatment.  


Testing was conducted to confirm the well is safe to return to service.  VDH has reviewed our test results and has issued us a Certificate to Operate, confirming it is fully compliant with federal and state drinking water standards.


The Terranova well produces on average 10-15% of the water delivered to the New Baltimore Regional Water System. Because the system’s drinking water is blended, the water was always determined to be safe to drink and it remains safe today.


We thank you for your patience and consideration.  Please share this information with your friends and neighbors who use our water.  

Fauquier County Water and Sanitation Authority