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Town of Remington Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation


The Authority initiated a comprehensive study of the Infiltration and Inflow (I&I) problems experienced in the wastewater collection system of the Remington Wastewater Treatment Plant, which includes Town of Remington, Bealeton, and Opal service districts.  Based on the study, downtown Remington was identified as an area with the highest I&I and very rapid response to storm events suggesting that there were direct sources of inflow to the sanitary sewer system.  When groundwater and stormwater enter the Authority’s sanitary sewer collection system, known as I&I, wastewater treatment facilities become less efficient and systems become strained.  Also since all water entering a wastewater treatment facility must be treated as wastewater, the operational costs increase proportional to the amount of clean water entering the sanitary sewer system due to I&I.

Groundwater infiltrates the sanitary sewer system through cracked or broken pipes, defective joints and taps, deteriorated manholes and faulty laterals.  The Authority has a 5-year plan to rehabilitate the sanitary sewer pipes and manholes in downtown Remington to eliminate I&I sources and restore the structural integrity of the sanitary sewer system.  The 5-year plan is broken into 3 tiers beginning with Tier 1 rehabilitation projects, which have the highest I&I contribution.  The following map shows the proposed rehabilitation projects in downtown Remington based on the overall 3 tier rating.  We greatly appreciate the patience and support we have received from the residents of downtown Remington and the Town of Remington Public Works Department.  We look forward to continuing to provide quality sanitary sewer services to our customers by insuring the integrity and reliability of the collection system. Click here for a map of the to be completed.